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Mending Hearts, Making Change while Working Together
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      Hello and welcome to Sisters..... For a Purpose. We are not merely a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit but an organism that lives for change. We believe that anything is possible to those that work diligently and give some attention to their personal growth and development. We also view life as a journey that can take us through a series of processes. These processes vary from person to person and most of us need a support system to help us along the way. As women, we share similar life struggles. We also have an innate ability to nurture and share with others. We hope that women will make a conscious effort to come forward and share information that can potentially change another’s life. 
    This web site is intended to serve as avenues that will help women reach their full potential by pooling their resources and becoming the support system that we so gravely need. If you are aware of any information that can help with education, finances and other human resources please go to our contact page and share it with us. We also desire that this initiative will provide the essential tools women need through the strength of unity and interdependence.  
    This initiative (despite the name) does not exclude men and children, because together we make up the family unit. Our philosophy is simple. Women have the ability to set the pace, the mood and the atmosphere for their families. We believe that we are the heartbeat of the family (if you will) and as we work to better ourselves, our families are soon to follow. With the resources that we "ALL” provide, we hope to help women become well rounded in every area of their lives.



Sisters.... For a Purpose hope to encourage a community of women to embrace the concept of “we are our sisters’ keepers". Working interdependently with individuals and organizations, “WE” can provide the necessary tools that will empower women with resources that will allow them to reach their personal and professional goals, while building relationships that will last a life-time

Sisters... For a Purpose serve as a catalyst to women who have an interest in working towards their personal growth and development. We desire to share information and resources relevant to their needs through this web site and by facilitate self-help support gatherings. We are committed to help those who are willing to help themselves and are committed to their personal process. Collectively our communities of women serve as accountability partners, sharing experiences, encouragement and resources. Ultimately we hope to promote positive change and growth that will benefit the community and strengthen families. 






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